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DuetSS Online is a Body Corporate Management System enabling Duet owners to plan, manage and control functional operationalization. Sectional Title Law requires trustees to manage and maintain and protect common property to the advantage of all.

Our Services

DuetSS is an aggregation of attorney, architect, town planner, estate agent, accountant, programming and hosting expertise.

Step One checks approvals. Step Two drafts new rules. Step three registers with CSOS.


We ensure that your Duet Scheme’s plans, electricity, gas and other approvals and certificates are up to date. CSOS won’t approve your new rules if they aren’t.

Draft Rules

Our practitioners and professional staff consult you and draft with you new Management & Conduct Rules to fit your needs and requirements as far as possible.


Duet friendly rules makes DIY management easy and once registered managing your own scheme online saves you money. Compliant DuetSS are worth more.


DuetSS makes trustee Sectional Title management easy.


Documents, forms are templates update automatically


Raise and manage co payments


Allocate, track and manage Tasks


Plan & manage body corporate functions


Keep Asset, Insurance and other registers


Agendas, Resolutions and Minutes


Manage owner, member and trustee, groups


Keep a list of necessary contacts


Per duet
Plans, Authorisations and Certificates
t&cs apply
DuetSS Rules
Once off
Duet friendly rules that make compliance easy
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DuetSS Office
Hosted Body Corporate Management System
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if only one duet is insured?

Trustees MUST insure common property at the replacement value thereof and use claim payouts to reinstate. Insuring one duet doesn’t absolve you from the 50% replacement cost of the other.

What happens if a child drowns in a duet’s pool?

If the pool is built on common property it is the body corporate’s pool. As the body corporate must comply with the by laws and regulations it carries the risk if it didn’t.

What happens if next door’s thatch roof needs to be replaced?

Property external to a section, i.e. the walls, floors, roof etc. belong to the body corporate. As it’s common property it isn’t your roof to repair. Members carry the cost thereof equal to their participation quota shares.

Not my problem. I wasn’t elected a trustee!

Duet members automatically become trustees. Duet Trustees in turn must manage and administer the body corporate to the benefit of all. As you are fiduciarily liable anyway you may as well take part fully.

What happens if I refuse to pay?

Members must pay levies to insure and maintain the Body Corporate’s common property. Non compliance therewith is precisely why CSOS was established and enforcement made easy and free.

What happens if I don’t comply?

Duets must register and comply. If you don’t a Compliance Notice can be sent and fines can result. Additionally Buyers don’t want to pick up the future cost of what you failed to do.

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