Duet compliance isn’t a choice. It’s the law. We just make it easy.

We match duet friendly rules to your needs. Our practitioners affordably check, draft and replace old rules with new, setup your software and register your DIY Scheme with CSOS.

DuetSS simply manages statutory body corporate functions online, including projects, processes, tasks, budgets, agendas, meetings, resolutions, minutes and reports.

Our Services

DuetSS is a One Stop Shop. Our multidisciplinary team as necessary includes attorneys, architects, town planners, estate agents and more.


We ensure that your Duet Scheme’s plans, electricity, gas and other approvals and certificates are up to date. CSOS won’t approve your new rules if they aren’t.

Draft Rules

Our legal team, practitioners and professional staff consult and draft new Management & Conduct Rules to fit your needs and requirements.


Duet friendly rules makes DIY management easy and once registered managing your own scheme online save you money. CSOS compliant duets are worth more.


DuetSS makes function operationalisation easy.


Documents, forms are templates update automatically


Raise and manage co payments


Allocate, track and manage Tasks


Plan & manage body corporate functions


Keep Asset, Insurance and other registers


Agendas, Resolutions and Minutes


Manage owner, member and trustee, groups


Keep a list of necessary contacts


Check Scheme
Once off
Check Scheme plans, authorisations and Certificates
t&cs apply
Duet Rules
Once off
Draft duet friendly rules that make compliance easy
t&cs apply
CSOS Registration
Once off
Register Scheme and amended rules with CSOS
t&cs apply
Body Corporate
Hosted Body Corporate Management System
t&cs apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

Excellence is forever

What happens if only one duet is insured?

Trustees MUST insure common property at the replacement value thereof and use claim payouts to reinstate to same. Insuring one duet doesn’t absolve you from the reinstatement costs next door. Your own an undivided share therein. DuetSS raises options.

What happens if a child drowns in next door’s pool?

If the pool is built on common property it is the body corporate’s pool. If the body corporate didn’t comply with the by laws and regulations namely by have the plans updated and approved and did not fence off the pool, then the body corporate carries the risk.

What happens if next door’s thatch roof needs to be replaced?

All property external to the section, wall, floors and roofs belong to body corporate. It isn’t your roof to repair or wall to paint. The members must carry the cost thereof equal to their participation quota. Sounds unfair – DuetSS raises and manages this.

This doesn’t apply to me. I wasn’t elected a trustee!

Duet members aren’t elected, they are trustees. All owners are members and all members are Trustees. Trustees in turn must manage and administer the body corporate to the benefit of all. I did not know won’t work. DuetSS enables you to live as independently as possible.

What happens if I refuse to pay?

That’s precisely why CSOS was established. Any person in a community scheme may lodge an application to the CSOS if such person is a party to or is materially affected by a dispute. And it costs nothing. You will be forced to pay. DuetSS avoids this.

What happens if I don’t comply?

Duets are Sectional Title Schemes and must register with CSOS. If you don’t Compliance Notices can be sent and fines raised. Without DuetSS large complex rules apply namely two, bank accounts, annual audits the lot. Compliant Duets are worth more. Buyers don’t want the cost of what you did not. DuetSS adds value.

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