On 7 October 2016 the law changed. Jointly in terms of the Sectional Title Management Act and Community Schemes Ombud Service Acts Body Corporates including duets must register and report to CSOS.

Compliance reporting reports to the ombud that complex life is in fact managed, funded and maintained to the favour of all.

Why bother? CSOS enforces Sectional Title law for free. It costs nothing!

Selling ? Sellers must provide Buyers with Clearance Certificates, Financial Statements, AGM Minutes and Complex Rules.

Insurance? Only the Body Corporate may insure common property. Including common property under Ordinary Home owners insurance isn’t an insurable interest.

Our Services

DuetSS is a aggregation of the legal, accounting, planning and hosting abilities which automates Certification, Governance and Compliance.


We check if your plans, electricity, gas and other certificates are up to date. We can assist if not. CSOS won’t approve your DuetSS constitution if they aren’t.


Unique Management & Conduct Rules are formulated into a bespoke DuetSS Constitution which drive body corporate functionalities and processes.


Registering your DuetSS constitution makes DIY Body Corporate management easier. Automated tasks tell you what to do, when and how. CSOS compliance follows naturally.


Hosted Eezy Office software makes Sectional Title management easy.


Forms and templates update content automatically


Raise and manage co payments


Allocate, track and manage Tasks


Plan & manage body corporate functions


Keep Asset, Insurance and other registers


Agendas, Resolutions and Minutes


Manage owner, member and trustee, groups


Keep a list of necessary contacts


Eezy Office is a virtual Office. It does things, diarises, communicates and keeps everything online. Eezy Templates saves the time and effort necessary to peruse the law and comply accordingly.  Consultation pre books time to discuss issues and setup the system accordingly. Constitution amends and simplifies the regulatory environment which in turn enables you to live as independently as possible.

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Eezy Templates
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Frequently Asked Questions

Excellence is forever

We don’t do budgets or levies!

Trustees MUST approve maintenance budgets and collect levies. If structures are added to sections or common property, Sectional plans must be re-registered. If not the Body Corporate can be forced to remove.

I didn’t agree to any Rules!

The Sectional Titles Management Act prescribes standard Management Rules. They apply as is automatically. Our automated DuetSS Constitutions replace these rules with duet friendly ones..

Can we manage informally?

No you can’t. The body corporate came into existence with the sale of the 1st unit. Owners are the deemed trustees and Trustees MUST formally meet, plan, manage and control as required by the law.

Can we insure separately?

NO you cannot insure separately. Section 45 allows owners to purchase their own cover “over and above” the body corporate’s required insurance. The policy MUST be in the Body Corporate’s name and for the full replacement value thereof.

What happens if only one duet is insured?

Trustees MUST insure and use claim payouts to reinstate to same state. Besides being wrong Insuring your duet doesn’t absolve you from the proportionate replacement cost of the uninsured other.

What happens if a child drowns?

Body Corporates must comply with all Council By laws. Dug in pools are fixtures. Common property fixtures accrue to the Body Corporate. The Body Corporate in turn is responsible for all necessary planning approvals, maintenance and repair costs. All owners may swim therein!

My roof is tiled next door’s is thatch?

Property external to a Sections, i.e. the walls, floors, roof etc. belong to the body corporate. The body corporate must repair, replace and maintain. Members carry the cost proportionally via levies equal to their participation quotas. ie size not cost!

I wasn’t elected a trustee!

Duet owners are deemed Body Corporate Trustees. Duet Trustees in turn must manage and administer to the benefit of all. In short like it or not you are a Trustee. You MUST participate.

What happens if I refuse to pay?

Members MUST pay levies to insure and maintain Body Corporate property. Non compliance is precisely why the CSOS Ombud was established namely to make statutory enforcement easy and free. All it requires is a standard form complaint!

What happens if we don’t comply?

CSOS enforces compliance via notices, fines and jail terms. Conveyancers MUST obtain levy clearance certificates which requires a functional Body Corporate. Cheating required governance isn’t the solution. Certifying as Trustee that all is Ok when it isn’t, isn’t Ok!

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