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Regulation:20. (2)

Voting and representatives

20 (2) Except for special and unanimous resolutions, a member is not entitled to vote if —

(a) a member fails or refuses to pay the body corporatein relation to a building and the land in a sectional title scheme, means the body corporate of that building referred to in section 2(1); any amount due by that member after a court or adjudicator has given a judgment or order for payment of that amount; or

(b) that member persists in the breach of any of the conduct rulesin relation to a building which is divided into sections and common property, means the management rules and conduct rules referred to in section 10(2)(a) and (b), respectively; of the schememeans a development scheme; referred to in sectionmeans a section shown as such on a sectional plan; 10(2)(b) of the Act after a court or an adjudicator has ordered that member to refrain from breaching such rule.