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Regulation:20. (1)

voting and representatives

20 (1) A motion at a general meeting —

(a) does not need to be seconded; and

(b) except for a special or unanimous resolutionmeans a resolution— (a) passed unanimously by all the members of the body corporate at a meeting at which—(i) at least 80% calculated both in value and in number, of the votes of all the members of a body corporate are present or represented; and (ii) all the members who cast their votes do so in favour of the resolution; or (b) agreed to in writing by all the members of the body corporate. (2) For the purposes of the definition of owner— (a) if a unit is subject to a lease for a period of 99 years or longer or for the life of the building or buildings concerned and registered in a deeds registry, the holder of such lease is considered to be the owner for the duration of that lease; and (b) if a unit is registered in a deeds registry— (i) in the names of both spouses in a marriage in community of property; or (ii) in the name of only one spouse and forms part of the joint estate of both spouses in a marriage in community of property, either one or both of the spouses are considered to be the owner., must be adopted by resolution of the majority of the votes, calculated in value, of the members present and voting.